Culture Corner with FARMcurious

Are you ready to nerd out with your curds out? Nicole Easterday, owner and founder of FARMcurious, makes us want to break out the beakers and bunsen burners with her new series of science-focused online cheesemaking and fermenting classes.

Kids in the Kitchen: Chinese Chicken Salad

Tracy Cates paints a picture most parents can relate to with their kids: how to appeal to a range of developing tastes around mealtime.

Kids in the Kitchen

Are you running out of ideas to keep your kids entertained? Tracy Cates might have the perfect solution for you. With over 30 years of experience in the culinary field as a chef, instructor, professional caterer, and many other white fluffy hats, Tracy is now directing her expertise into designing fun classes to get kids excited in the kitchen.

Traveling from Home with Chef Charlie

Are your taste buds craving some edible adventure? What if you didn’t need to leave your house to experience the cultures and tastes from around the world?

From Seed to Soap: SoakGeek Blossoms in the Garden

SoapGeek’s growth has offered Danny and Eugene the opportunity to meet many interesting folks at pop-up events, teach people about sustainable living practices, and learn more about gardening. To say the least, they have developed deep roots in the Castro Valley community!

Interested in starting a native garden? Now you have the thyme.

The trend of converting suburban yards into native gardens has been an ongoing tradition for ages. The idea is to move from a purely ornamental garden, which often includes exotic, harder-to-cultivate plants, to a more indigenous mindset; curating a garden that wants to grow. 

How You Can Support Marketplace Merchants

Gift Certificates, Online Orders, Pickup and Curbside Options As the Castro Valley Marketplace continues to build toward opening…

Erica Perez and John Beaver of Oaktown Spice Shop

I still remember the first time I opened a box from Oaktown Spice Shop. My best friends and I have a gift-giving ritual. The gifts are always thoughtful and often handmade (jars of toffee or pickled green tomatoes from someone’s overeager tomato plant) but when Oaktown opened in 2011, everything changed.

What is LAB 200?

LAB 200 is a creative collaboration space for makers, artisans, entrepreneurs and those that support their growth. On the east side of the mezzanine (those windows you see upstairs from Castro Valley Boulevard!), LAB 200 members benefit from being part of a collective.

Thanksgiving Wine Recommendations from Cordial Bottle Shop

Simon Tingstrom of Cordial Bottle Shop (and the future Cordial Cellar + Lounge in the Castro Valley Marketplace) rescues us with some wine advice.