LAB 200: Partnering with Small Businesses

Are you roasting coffee, creating soaps, or baking pies, and want to take your entrepreneurial dreams to the next level? LAB 200 is here to assist you on your journey!

LAB 200 partners you with makers, artisans, entrepreneurs, and those that will support your growth. LAB 200 members benefit together as a creative collective. Running a small business can be difficult – especially when it comes to creating the websites, getting the necessary permits and licenses, calculating the finances, conducting the right hiring, figuring out the marketing, and more headache-inducing projects.

You don’t have to figure it out by yourself anymore! LAB 200 connects you with local professionals in the Castro Valley community to give you support for your growing business. Receive professional photography, advice for funding, mentorship, business connections, marketing help, priority access to the Pop Out Kitchen and event spaces, and more when you partner with LAB 200. Experience after-hour bonding activities, hands-on workshops, entrepreneurship speaker series, and more.

Partnering with local businesses; partnering with you.