Starting as Daughtrey’s Family Department store, the building that now houses the Castro Valley Marketplace has grown into a community building of commerce, food, and more.


Construction of the Castro Valley Marketplace began in January 2019, in partnership with Alameda County Economic & Civic Development Department.

Whether it be updates on social media or word of mouth, excitement spread throughout the community as they wondered what was coming to the Daughtrey’s building.

In July of 2020, we opened as an essential business. Mandatory masks and hand sanitizer was implemented to ensure the safety of our community and the Castro Valley Marketplace Team. With only Seven Hills Baking Co., Baron’s Quality Meats & Seafood, and Castro Valley Natural Grocery open, no one could anticipate what would happen amidst the middle of a pandemic. Yet, you pulled through for us. Through social media and word of mouth, new guests came and enjoyed the foods that were crafted here.

It was amazing standing by the front door and getting to meet members of the Castro Valley community and a far. From the couple enjoying a romantic date night at our Paseo under the night sky, to the child who couldn’t resist the salty-sweet flavor of Seven Hills Baking Co.’s chocolate chip cookies; this was a place that people of all ages could enjoy. You were excited about discovering a new treasure within the heart of Castro Valley, and you found it.

You were able to participate in learning events and enjoy the food located inside the Marketplace. With the opening of the Cannery Kitchen and Tap and Cordial Cellar + Lounge, you were able to enjoy indoor seating. Live music was brought out to the Paseo for all to enjoy while you savored the food and company.

Castro Valley Marketplace Pumpkin Carving Contest on the Paseo
Castro Valley Natural Grocery Honey Harvest

This summer we plan to give the celebration we wanted to share with the community. Summer concerts with live music – hosting bay area musicians and artists, will be held right at the Castro Valley Marketplace. Fundraisers to support the different groups housed in the Castro Valley community will be hosted. So many opportunities to enrich your life and those around you through local sourcing and by learning new activities.


We can’t wait to show you what we have planned:

Grand Opening at 3295 Castro Valley Boulevard from July 9-11th.