Re: A Love Letter to Castro Valley
Castro Valley Marketplace Team at Table at Palomares Barn

It has been a while.


It has been a while since you have met up with friends for a drink. Since you were able to go on that romantic date night. Since you were able to bring your kids to a local event. A place you could feel safe and welcomed.


You were met with new challenges and overcame them. This summer, we are excited to celebrate the resilience of our community.


We still have it- plus more.


Organic produce and artisan goods.


Clean beauty products only from brands you can trust.


Baked breads and pastries made fresh every day.


Natural meats and seafoods sourced from local farmers.


Diverse selection of imported wines, spirits, beers, and more.


Fresh sushi for on-the-go or for nightly dining.


Hand-mixed spices with recipes. Every herb or flavor you can possibly think of.


Aged olive oils and balsamic vinegars on the tap. Custom tastings that all can enjoy.


Family bars and lounges. A romantic date night getaway.


Hands-on classes that can enrich your life.


Picnic on the Paseo and in-door dining.


Summer community events for all ages. Local Bay Area musicians and artists.


We have opened all the doors. We have sent the invitations. You just have to step in.


Grand Opening at 3295 Castro Valley Boulevard from July 9-11th.