Culture Corner with FARMcurious

Are you ready to nerd out with your curds out?

Nicole Easterday, owner and founder of FARMcurious, makes us want to break out the beakers and bunsen burners with her new series of science-focused online cheesemaking and fermenting classes.

For over 10 years, Nicole has taught classes for professional chefs, motivated cheese enthusiasts, and for office team-building exercises throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


Now she’s making her online debut! All you need to join is a cheesemaking kit, which you can buy directly from the FARMcurious website or a notebook if you just want to learn.

Tune in every other week, as Nicole brie-ngs her urban farmsteading advice and expertise into our kitchens: from the history of cheesemaking to flavoring fresh chevre and making crème fraiche, she’ll be here to walk us through it!


Stay cheesy, my friends.