Thanksgiving Wine Recommendations from Cordial Bottle Shop

Have you ever been stuck here?


You thought you got off easy with the wine assignment for Thanksgiving, and then find yourself standing in front of a sea of bottles with no clue what to buy. Simon Tingstrom of Cordial Bottle Shop (and the upcoming Cordial Cellar + Lounge) rescues us with some wine advice.


These tips will help no matter where you are shopping, though all of these are in stock at Cordial Bottle Shop in San Leandro.


If you haven’t had a Greek white, definitely try a bottle of the Assyrtico.


Thank you so much for sharing your expertise, Simon!



“Because of the crazy combos of flavors on even the most traditional of Thanksgiving tables (not to mention the diversity of palates you’re likely trying to please), red wines with maximum versatility are popular for good reason, think low tannins, medium or light body and prominent fruit. Beaujolais and Sangiovese are classic choices. We’re thankful to have two world-class women wine makers in the East Bay that have produced exemplary bottlings of each – right in the $20 sweet spot.



  • 2018 Super Alamedan – Rock Wall Wine Company, Alameda (46 ki% Sangiovese, 30% Montepulciano, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Sagrantino) – Intense, savory and approachable.
  • 2017 Les Enfants Terrible Zinfandel – Dashe Cellars, Alameda – More like a Gamay than a traditional California Zin. Light in body, well structured acidity, pairs with every course from salad to the cheese plate.



Whites are trickier pairings for this holiday. We eschew highly acidic Sauvignon Blanc and butyraceous California Chardonnays in favor of some more grounded and even-handed offerings from California’s central coast and Greece.

  • 2018 Belle de Nuit Gewurztraminer – Union Sacre, Paso Robles – Light orange in color from a generous time on the skins – citrus and flowers give way to a rich, savory minerality
  • 2018 Assyrtico – Domaine Papagiannakos – White peach notes, creamy mouth feel and enough presence to stand up to white and dark meat alike.”