FARMcurious: Iron Chèvre – Goat Cheese Making & Pairing

The Hive (Suite 205) 3295 Castro Valley Boulevard, Suite 205, Castro Valley, CA, United States

Learn to make one of the easiest cheeses around (fresh goat cheese) with Nicole Easterday of FARMcurious and...


FARMcurious: Cheese Tasting Workshop – the Best of the US

Castro Valley Marketplace 3295 Castro Valley Boulevard, Castro Valley, CA, United States

American Cheesemakers need our support so now is a great time to rediscover the best cheeses made in the US. No, these are not the plasticky sheets we all grew up with, but the luscious bries of California, the smokey washed rinds of Vermont and everything in between. Come explore and learn with us!