Beard Papa's Newest NorCal Location is Now Open!

The world-famous fresh and natural cream puffs chain, Beard Papa’s, has a new location in Castro Valley!

With its Japanese origins and cult following, Beard Papa’s specializes in creating the world’s best cream puffs and offers a wide variety of customizable delights

Business Hours

10:00 am – 8:00 pm
10:00 am – 7:00 pm


(510) 605-5670


About Beard Papa's Castro Valley

Meet Ye Ye, the cherished owner of Beard Papa’s Castro Valley, a local resident for the
past decade with a love for baking that’s as deep as her roots in the area.


Being an active part of the community, Ye Ye is well-versed in the unique tastes and
preferences of her customers. Her dedication to her craft is more than just a business. 
Holding a PhD in Science and being a proud alumni of the San Francisco Baking
Institute, she combines the exactness of scientific methods with the creativity of culinary
arts. Thanks to all of this, she was capable of bringing the world’s best cream puff to
right here in Castro Valley.


Come and indulge yourself at Beard Papa’s Castro Valley, where you can taste the most
heavenly cream-filled puffs, available in multiple flavors from classic favorites like vanilla
and chocolate to exciting seasonal variations, and made with the freshest natural
ingredients. There’s a cream puff for every palate!